June 02, 2006

Chennai cant decode the Vinci

What a way to show federal setup! After a hiccup or two, the center allowed the screening of Da Vinci Code. Now TamilNadu Govt & Andhra Govt goes about banning the film to appease certain sections. You have all immoral stuff being shown in mainstream movies, leave alone 'A' rated movies. The recent Pudupettai, takes 2 hour and 55 minutes to show the transformation of a school boy in to local rowdy in to a GangLeader. The 'Hero' then gets into politics and finally becomes an 'educationalist' who runs a few educational institutions.

A 'Kali Amman', 'pottu Amman', 'shri vishnu puranam', 'Jesus Lives' movie hurts my sensibilities, Whom shall I approach to get a ban on these movies?

Bottom Line: U dont like you dont see it. If you are in India, get others also to NOT see the movie.

A small consolation: Chennai is not the only place in India, where DVC is banned Unlike the Draculan CAS which is imposed only in chennai.


Anonymous said...

DVC banned in Chennai ? Thats bad. That gives one more reason to come to Blore. What say ? ;) - Me

sugan said...

Me..Do see the movie & let me know if the critics were right? Lucky You..

Anonymous said...

Funny part is DVC is not banned in Vatican