June 20, 2006

AIWO - Food for life

Last week, terrorized my friend to take us out for a treat. I wanted to try out AIWO, Nungambakkam for quite sometime..So, the gang of four trooped into AIWO at 9.00 p.m.

Very good ambience and the servers were courteous. The much-touted USP of AIWO is Low-Calorie food in a cool conveyor. The price is not very high at 200/- per head for veg buffet

We ordered a veg buffet comprising of 14 items. The starter was a complete downer, we had three miniature glasses that had 'Rasam - kind of pepper soup'(no salt & bland) and 'buttermilk' . We had tomato soup too.

Then started the rally of dishes via the conveyor belt.
Apple & Tomato salad was great & I scooped up three bowls. Then I realized my tummy was half full & there were 13 more items to attack ;-(

Then we had red cabbage cutlet kind of thing. [Excuse the 'kind of thing' language, bcos, I just didnt know what exactly that was], zucchini & celery; peppered cauliflower; assorted vegetable subzi, Green Bottle gourd chutney - half boiled, Mushroom, Hara Bara kebaab(cutlet yaar!), brinjal kootu, Greens, kidney beans with tomoto & onion, Lemon grass & pepper barley (was a filler like rice balls but good, Elachi Sandesh (bad - imagine having a sweet dessert with no sugar/sweetness what so ever.

All the dishes were bland; the only solace was that it was healthy.

Oops.. Forgot the millet, soya small rotis that were served separately. And we ordered pomegranate juice towards the end - man! That was THE JUICE. These folks really know, how a juice should be made.

I would say, you can try it once in a while. I like to explore different genre in food, so combined with the unique experience of conveyor buffets and healthy food, I would give AIWO a pass mark.(But..Why cant healthy food be mouth-watering?)

Warning: Don’t expect, run of the mill food here, for the tongues that swear by idlis & rotis, don’t be disappointed after landing here.

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P.S: Don’t ever talk ill of an occasional 'sodhapal' in your mom/dad/spouse's cooking. You just paid thro your nose to drink a salt less rasam.


Anonymous said...

good abt ur venturing into aiwo.

karthy said...

I tried this when this restaurant was started but somehow did not enjoy the food. May be I was expecting too much from that place. I would like to visit this place again to see if there is a change in the taste.