June 06, 2006

1963 Advertisements - Part 2

A good 43 years back, this is how Parle-Gluco, Kissan & Vaseline advertised their products.

Parle - Gluco Biscuits -1963 Advertisement - Eat Parle Gluco Biscuits be active n cheerful
Kissan Squash - 1963 Advertisement- Drink one glass Kissan Squash and relax.... Kissan Squash is the largest selling Squash in India
Vaseline Hair Cream - 1963 Advertisement -
Content: To be cool and glamourous all throughout the day popular film star Sudesh Kumar uses Vaseline Hair Cream. You can also use Vaseline Hair Cream & be like Sudesh Kumar (BTW ..who is this sudesh kumar - a fictional name ..I guess)

Have a look at the Part 1 too.

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