June 05, 2006

1963 - Advertisements - Part1

Having failed to keep up my weekend promise to complete the book 'To kill a mocking bird'( I made considerable progress though!), I happened to dig into my parents' library & flicked many a book yesterday. One among them was Bhagyam Ramasamy's classic comedy creation - Appusamiyum Seethapaatiyum. Appusami and Seetha Paati potray a typical elderly brahmin couple, with Seetha paati playing the dominant partner and Appusami a hapless husband.

The best part was, the story came as a series in Ananda Vikatan - a tamil weekly. The book contains the bounded version of the different chapters. So, apart from the story, interesting insights into the society was documented as Advertisements, jokes, tit-bits..

So whats special abt it. Well, the series was written in 1963.

Have a look at the Cadbury's Milk Choclate 1963 print Ad. The content goes like this
"Cadbury's Milk Choclate - Contains the goodness of Milk .. It is not a choclate alone .. It is a food too"

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Arvind said...

my mom was a great fan of appusamy/seetha paati ('seethey keyvi' in thatha's words?) & she used to read me the serial stories when they came in vikatan. nice memories those.

nice seeing the old ads.