July 10, 2007

Tamilnadu's Political Drama

U have to give it to PMK's Ramdoss for pepping up the political scenario in TamilNadu..Not that there are any dull moments...

From last week or so, there has been some significant movements in the political contours...It all started with the Engg. & Medical Admissions (which by itself is a Mystery-blockbuster every year..with a new twist & turn in every corner..err..court case)

Ramdoss took on DMK's Higher Education Minister K.Ponmudi for his inactiveness in controlling the private Engg & Medical college fees.

Karunanidhi stepped up the gas & went public with his grievance that intra-alliance issues should not be discussed in press releases.

Ramdoss didnt miss a beat and struck the blow saying that the DMK alliance was only for the election & it is the party's duty to act as a True opposition party.

The AIADMK could obviously smell the bad blood & now Jayalalitha has sent out an open invitation to PMK - "If PMK founder Ramadoss chooses to come to our front, he will be welcomed affectionately.He will be given due respect and will be treated honourably,"

The game continues...

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