July 12, 2007

Ahhh..Dedicate ..

The most abused word in media today would be 'Dedicate'...The Radio FMs , TV channels are all filled with this Dedicate-mania

Try this..the default format for most programmes

"Hello ...Hello
..Whatz Ur Name?Where are u calling from?
....My name is Mannakati..I'm calling from Thiruour
..How Are U doing?
.... I'm fine..How are U doing ?
..I'm very fine..What song shall I play for U..
....Please Play Thee pidika Thee pidika Mutham kodu da song..
..Oh sure..nice song..Whom do u want to Dedicate this to?
....Hmm My Periyanna, Akka, my Brother-In-law, Paapu, friends, my parents..and for U too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
..Oh soo chweet..Thankyou..



Ranjith said...

Oh tholil kaivasam irukku pola theriyuthu !!!!

Sangee said...

Ithuvarikum i havent stopped to listen to it, only after reading it in your blog