July 19, 2007

Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix

Enjoyed Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix to the hilt. INOX made it more enjoyable..
Everytime, I see Harry Potter, I'm amazed at the casting. Here too, they have scored a six with Dolores Umbridge, the new Defence against Dark Arts teacher. Imelda Staunton fires life into this character. Luna Lovegood looks her dreamy self.

It is quite difficult to visualize a movie from a book, but kudos the director, he has come out unscathed. So u see.. lots from the book have been modified or cut out..but then it doesn't stop you from experiencing the magic of Harry Potter.
The scenes that stand out are
1. Ministry of Magic introduction
2. Dolores Umbridge bringing in new rules
3. The secret DA sessions that Harry takes
4. The showdown at the ministry of magic
5. The gripping climax
and people will curse me, if I dont include the much touted kiss between Harry Potter & Cho Chang. Well...not bad ;-))
..but we were heartily laughing when they zoomed out to blooming white flowers.

Don't expect any critical review of the film: from an unabashed Harry Potter fan.

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