July 25, 2007

Spin doctors, Phrases, President

Endeavour, rate of economic growth, socially inclusive, threshold of a new era of progress [Wonder ..how long we will be standing at the threshold itself?], weak and the disadvantaged, equal partners, beneficiaries of the development process, empowerment of women, banish malnutrition, social evils, infant mortality , female foeticide, full commitment to the protection of child rights, relentless campaign against poverty,ignorance and disease for a better future of the children,committed to the cause of education, would like to see every person to be touched by the light of modern education [Kavitha!..Kavitha!], science and technology, better governance, faster development, life of peace and security, stand united, fight against such divisive and destructive tendencies as communalism, casteism, extremism and terrorism..

Play with these phrases, rearrange them.. Voila! U have got a public speech ready for any occasion.
[the phrases were taken from Pratibha Patil's speech soon after taking oath as President]

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