March 07, 2007

Kotturpuram - Barren Gandhi Mandapam Road

It is all over now...the Gandhi Mandapam Road, Kotturpuram looks barren with its vast green canopy removed.

My heart skipped a beat when harsh sunlight battered my face as I stepped out on the road. It was one of the very few motorable roads in Chennai with lot of lush green cover...

the government decides to strip it off!

This is how it was executed ...Somebody gets a Bright Bulb idea..

1. You extend the road on both sides - leave a five feet gap between the trees near the old pavement & the new pavement.

2. You put a fresh coat of tar - choke the roots of the trees.

3. Nobody earmarks what needs to be done on the passageway between the trees & the pavement. Two wheelers have a field day driving between the trees.

4. Then, the trees are seen as traffic blocks - first the branches are all cut - the trunk is left standing like a warrior defeated in a bloody battle.

5. The best joke comes in later : It seems the trunk will be transplanted inside Birla Planetarium campus ..and chennai will become singara green chennai soon :-(

Recently saw this issue being raised in Hindu..some good soul had slapped Right to Information act to get to the bottom of the issue.

will add my photos soon..right now one snap from yet another saddened heart (news today).

Update: Gowthaman had sent me this picture of a tree in sardar patel road. (taken on sun - march 11 2007). Thanks ..Gowthaman for sharing your concern.


Abi said...

Oops, where is the snap at the end? It doesn't show up!

sugan said...

Hey..the photo is right at the bottom..checked with another OS & browser too..

Anonymous said...

yeah even i cudnt c the foto anyway ,, thats a bad thing again from the govt to do this thing...

Anonymous said...

The trees which were uprooted are been planted in the new anna university campus(formerly it was highways dept)but it is also very sad that the trees have been removed but the govt also has no other way as the traffic has become more in this road