March 27, 2007


Temples generally have the DwaraBhalakas - sort of guards near the gate. They would look like fierce demons.

Have a look at the neo-Dwara Bhalakas in the Periyaveedu Chettinad house in Karaikudi (thanks to my friend Jaya who visited the place over the weekend). You have two soldiers with guns in their hands;-). Its seems the house is over 60 yrs.


Doc said...

Hey Sugan,
Just wanted you to know that I came across your blog and wanted to say Hi and keep blogging.

Are you a student of architecture? Just curious.

The blog about doctors throwing ethics to the wind was thoughtful, maybe some day I shall post a blog as to what makes them do so (an insiders insight;)

Cheers mate and Ta,

sugan said...

Hi Doc...Welcome..
Me no architecture student..but have loads of interest in home decor. I'm with a s/w concern.

And, I shall wait for ur post to see the insiders insight..

Keep visiting..