March 21, 2007

HCL Laptops Safe?

India’s top IT manufacturer HCL has been accused by the NGO Greenpeace for releasing carcinogens (cancer causing substances) into the atmosphere.

Business Standard carries the report. The NGO, in a report released today said that HCL laptops were found to contain heavy metals, lead, mercury, cadmium and brominated flame retardants (BFRs). The study was conducted in labs in Denmark and Britain. Pranab Chandan Sinha a campaigner for Greenpeace said that BFRS are known carcinogens and accumulate in any room where electronic equipment run in large numbers.

Meanwhile, PTI reports Hours after the allegation, HCL Infosystems announced the launch of eco-efficient Notebook PCs in the country. The company said in a statement it has introduced eco-efficient consumer and business notebooks that are completely safe for users and environment.

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