March 06, 2007

Big B, Eklavya, Intellectual

I am yet to see Ekalavya, so no personal comments on the movie..but this interview on IBNLive with Amitabh Bachchan put me off..
When asked to comment upon Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s Eklavya getting damp box office response, Bachchan said,
“I don't share that disappointment. I look at Eklavya as a very smart film. Vidhu Vinod Chopra's intelligence and intellectual wherewithal come across in the film. The fact that it's doing so well overseas proves there's a certain intellectual quotient in it. It isn't so evident over here,”
Comeon...this could be the most atrocious statement ever to defend a flop film. From next time about releasing 'intellectual' movies for 'intellectual NRIs' alone.


Yugandhar V said...

c'mon. 'most atrocious statement ever?' do you really believe that? you can accept that there is some truth to it. i saw the movie and i liked it. while coming out of the theatre i felt "the movie is good but i dont think it would fare well in India". It is kinda known. I am not sayin all the intellectually sound movies do well in US and fare poorly in India. But, some do and Eklavya, I believe is one of them.

sugan said...

See..Eklavya can be a good movie...accepted, you can say taste differs..'intellectual'is the not the keyword here..
actually I look fwd to see the movie..esp..the parineeta pair.