December 18, 2006

Kaakum Karangal

Had been to Kaakum Karangal (means Hands that Protect) on Saturday. It was a very humbling experience for me.

We had sponsored dinner to the orphaned old aged inmates (40 + in count) . They were in a very pitiable condition and their existence was merely for the purpose for existence only, with nothing in life to look forward to.

But somehow I felt, the caretaker wasn’t all that caring. Right in front me, she was shockingly rude to certain people…wonder, how it will be if they were alone?

Also, I think, sponsoring food is not a good option. I saw people taking just one Idly for their dinner. May be, sponsoring something like blankets, pillows or things they could use would make more sense.

OK..We have to appreciate the work done by these NGOs.. imagine if even they weren't there.

A visit to such a place would definitely make you think twice before grumbling about your dosa not being as crisp as it should have been.


Orthos said...

Great show of humanity...long live humanity... long live your empathy.....How do you find time for all this....

sugan said...


Orthos: Sponsoring food is just a small step. I just do it once a year. But wish..I could do more in this regard. I was actually inspired by my friends.

Orthos said...

I am very emotinal on few days,depends on my mood.I become emotional when underpriviliged are helped/cared for.What Iam unable to do,I saw you implementing and thus my words of praise ,truly from my heart.
I was doing some social work 2 years ago in a village.I still have contacts,but sadly find very li'l time .Hope to continue where I left soon,God willing.

Orthos said...

Read these on Desi pundit....aparna......Courtesy....sugan

We folks aren't ashamed, the least bit,
To see walls streaked with dirty red spit.
"We lack civic pride,"
The Minister cried-
"If it's seen as an art, how do you curb it?"

Yahoo News 08/12/06: India hopes to shame its citizens out of spitting and littering at tourist sites with an advertising campaign showing schoolchildren looking dismayed and disapproving of the dirty habit. The campaign will cost 50 million rupees ($1.12 million) and its objective is to instill civic pride which is widely lacking in the country. Read about it here

We lack civic pride. How true! In my home town Kolkata, especially in the older buildings, the red stains on the walls are enough to make one gag. However, some buildings have now come up with an innovative solution to thwart this dirty habit, as can be seen in the picture below:

Yes, we finally turned to our Gods for help...and looks like the Gods have answered our prayers, for the walls look clean!