December 26, 2006

Gilli Galatta

Gilli has the spark that ignites the tamizh kurum nal blog-ulaghu. Hats off to u guys for introducing the much needed new blood. I particularly like the fact that there is definitely something for everyone who comes calling. And congrats ;-) for having completed one year.. and let me wish u many more anniversaries.

OK..Let me compile a list of my Fav @ Gilli.

My passion for history found the right inputs here.

A good writeup on Kazhugu Malai and its treasures

Chennapattanam Paarungho

the much talked about video essay on the history of tamil– ur

History as twisted by the religion

In an election year, current affairs had some good jottings

The hero of the election – Vijayakanth

Not many were aware of the other side of the tamil literary world – much publicity was given to the most discussed sandakozhi Vs. Kutty Revathy infighting.

Today’s velachery in a hilarious post (But very true!)

House Rental in chennai

Jesus Calls - An Insider's view point

Bigger thoughts of big men were assimilated here

Periyar and Feminism

Bloggers tribute to the one and only Kalaivanar NSK

Gilli provided a resounding platform to raise social issues

An eye opener blog - Letter to the Chief Minister for affordable Sanitary napkins

Blank Noise Project - Tackling Eve Teasing

Would luv to add more..sometime later though..

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