December 04, 2006


Wow! I'm still reeling under the DHOOM Attack..or precisely Hrithik Roshan Hangover ;-)

What a picture that was..!!!!!

I wanted to write a lot abt the movie but there was one blog that summed up my feelings.
Read Is Hrithik Bollywood's future? from spotboy blog .

You do realise they could have made Dhoom:2 for much less money, right? They coulda left out Abhishek, Uday and (while the Baywatch scene is priceless)Bipasha, skimped on hiring a director or a scriptwriter, and even used the same music as last time.

All that all-gloss film really needed were the clothes,and a good cinematographer focussing only exclusively intently on Hrithik Roshan.

Whoa. Talk about a scorching screen presence. Hrithik, in something more music video than film, is a sight to fiercely compelling it's hard to take eyes off him. Perfectly straight men are mesmerised by his effortless style, while women drool on at his perfectly sculpted abs. Superhero,indeed.

I just wanted to add, Aishwarya has proved yet again that she is all plastic. People around have worked so hard to make her look hot (the tanned look, the skimpy clothes)..OK..she looks like a million bucks but there is just no attitude around to match the looks..She looks so damn uncomfortable and carries herself in an awkard manner. Bipasa effortlessly scores over Ash.

Would luv to see the movie again for Hrithik!


தேவ் | Dev said...

I completey endorse ur thots over aish.. that plastic description about her is damn good:)

But i guess too much 'jollu' over Hrithik...:))) is simply flooding the post

sugan said...

I strongly retain my right over Jollu-vutufying..and doubly so ..if it is Hrithik ;-)))

tpraja said...

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