October 05, 2006

Makkal TV

Happened to catch glimpses of Makkal TV in the mornings. They seem to have good content for a startup. Daring to do away with filmi stuff, they present prog. on tamilnadu & tamil culture. I have watched 'Sandror Veedhi' (Intellectuals Road)..on the lines of 'Walk the talk'. The anchor is doing a decent job of asking probing questions and making it easier for the audience to 'walk' along. Then comes writer Prabanjan's show where he introduces latest books in tamil literature. Today, there was an interesting discussion between Prabanjan & Munaivar Nirmala on the 'Thali' sentiment. Prabanjan says, the tamil custom of marriage originally did not involve the 'Thali'. He cites 'Aandal Paasuram' for proof, here u have Aandal vividly describing her dream marriage with god. No where 'Thali' comes in..This custom should have cropped up during chola's period ..it seems. And interestingly, in those days, the bridegroom had to wear a ring as an identity of marriage..but that custom seems to have waned away with time (Prabanjan chips in .."for the convenience of men")

Whatever..kalaiyil Nalla Thamizh Kaekka Nalla Iruukku ;-)
p.s: I'm yet to watch the political progs..for record, Makkal TV was started by the PMK.

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nalliyakkodan said...

I appreciate your unbiassed view on Makkal Tholaikatchi.Nundry.I am sure you would find little political about PMK,please allay your fears.