October 19, 2006

Happy Hols

After a long time, we have a five day - holiday. Planning to have a blast.
OK. Guys..Chill out..Have fun..Play safe ;-)

Let me leave you with a link to the classics in English Literature - Good One..


Orthos said...

Please start a discussion on spitting pan (vettrilai) on staircase walls,comon in Tamil Nadu-and how to stop this

Orthos said...

I am sure u would read comments only when number of comments is more

sugan said...

Orthos..I read all the comments..dont worry and do not spam the comments section ;-)

Spitting pan is not a unique problem to tamil nadu alone..I guess it is prevalent across all states in India.

A mix of awareness programs n strict laws to punish the offenders would go a long way in curtailing this mess...Lets see..