October 12, 2006

kannadasan - movie songs lyrics

There is an ongoing discussion in my office blogs abt kannadasan. Came across this site from there

Selected Kannadasan Lyrics

U just have to sit back and njoy the lyrics! And say a silent thanks to the good souls who have compiled the list and made it available to us.


Gops said...

Thank you so much!

Palrav said...

Hey Suganthi .. How are you? I know it is kind of early but I am going to be in Chennai with Pallavi in January (4th and 5th). I hope we can all meet for dinner. Will you be in town?

sugan said...

Kannadasan revolutionized tamil film music. It is a pity that we lost him early. His last song being 'Kanne Kalai maane' from Mundraam Pirai (Kamal, sridevi)

Gops: Never knew u were fond of kannadasan ;-)
Ravi: i shall mail u abt it

madurai babaraj said...

really an interesting site! a delicious feast to ears!
great and matchless poet and invincible poet of our era!
he brought life to the cinema songs
his songs blend in our minds and have direct effect on our life.
his simple words and lucid language
his songs deal with the day to day incidents of common man's life.
he sends message even through love songs.we for get ourselves when we hear the delectable songs.a mtchless poet indeed.
your efforts deserve appreciation and you have created a history by these collections who has created history in the cinema songs.
like BC and AD cine songs can be marked as BK and AK (Before kannadasan and After Kannadasan)
a great poet who was not recognised properly by india!
what a pity!

madurai babaraj