April 17, 2006

Unintended Comedy - starts with declaration of assets

Reading the asset declarations of leaders is definitely a welcome relief in between a hard day's work.

Sonia: owns no car and the money she holds in cash is Rs 20,000. she has lent Rs 5,04,394 to her daughter Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.

Jayalalitha: Her assets include a commercial complex worth Rs 29 lakh at Chennai, deposits in banks, financial institutions and non- banking financial companies to the tune of Rs 2 crore, bonds of Rs 50,000 and Rs 20,000 as cash. Since her jewellery had been seized by the police and in the possession of a court at Chennai, it could not be valued she said. She also owns five cars. Jaya also has Rs 20,000 only as cash.

special asset: the wealth case and an income tax case as pending against her before a Bangalore court and a Chennai court respectively.

Karunanidhi: owns property and shares worth more than Rs 22 crore. He is facing five defamation cases, a case under TESMA Act for supporting the strike of state government employees and another case relating to "hurting the sentiments of Hindu devotees".

Politics should be one hell of a career to earn soooo much, when you consider their meagre beginings. ;-))


GeronimoThrust said...

Your blog inspired me to write something this afternoon ..Please follow the link below to see what I wrote up..

I enjoyed reading your blog..keep 'em coming..

Gops said...

Yes, the return of investment is higher. But, some might deserve it with the emotional stress they have to endure.

Mayil said...

they are the people who live for people. thats why they possess less wealth.. hell...