April 05, 2006

Corruption Cancer Engulfs Doctor's Community Too

Shame on those lesser mortels who allowed corruption at the entrance exam for All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

Imagine..These people are supposed to act 'god'. But, for a few bundles of money, they throw all morals to the wind and pass answers to the entrance exam questions. The entrance exams inturn will produce more doctors who enter college via illegal means.

Now, how do you think they will recover the bribe money ..from us only. period.

Hindu reports on how the modus-operandi was carried out.
Sources in the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) told The Hindu that two doctors used an imported Docupen R700 version scanner made by Planon Systems Solutions Inc, U.S., to scan the question paper soon after it was distributed at the Asan Memorial School and the Pachaiyappa's College in Chennai.

The 8.5-inch long scanner with a storage capacity of 100 pages was passed on to another suspect who took it to a nearby hotel where senior doctors downloaded the question paper into a laptop. Within an hour, answers to all the 300 questions were sent to "beneficiaries" through short messaging service (SMS).

Describing the offence as the first of its kind, the investigating official said the scanner was a two-year-old concept and that the accused (doctors) might have used it during the earlier examinations (of AIIMS) as well. "This was a commercial venture involving senior doctors, including some professors. Though the prime suspects made huge money, the doctors who actually answered the questions were provided conveyance, lunch and tea in the hotel room."
Report in Times of India on how it all started.

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