April 12, 2006

Bodyguard Muneeswaran, Vahana Kali Amman

Found an interesting link between chennai & Blore.
On the way to chennai central railway station (from Mountroad), You have the all 'powerful' Bodyguard Muneeswaran Temple. Scores of vehicles come here for puja and blessings for an accident free ride.
Likewise, I saw a temple - Vahana Kali Amman temple in Bangalore (near Yeshwantpur)

Googled the story behind the 'Bodyguard'
In 1919 a group of labourers from North Arcot district brought the idol with them. They placed it under a neem tree adjoining military barracks. A commander of British troops took strong objection to this. He ordered removal of the idol. But he changed his mind after meeting with an accident the same day. The deity was allowed to stay.

Thereafter, the number of worshippers swelled day by day, and a small shelter was provided for the idol. Drivers of various vehicles firmly believed that Muneeswaran could protect them against accidents, and hence they fondly termed him 'Bodyguard.' The name came to stay.

People do have some queer ways of worship!
I would love to see, Helmets or Traffic rules charts being sold as prasadham.;-)It would be of better use.


Marvin Grey said...

Came across your blog while googling to figure out the Muniswaran Temple, my family as been visiting for generations. Not much on the net... Your comments cast light only upto the point that this temple too is at an important junction at Mayo Hall (also the Magistrate's court).

Don't prejudge me for praying at a temple without knowing its antecedents. My late grandmother did. Her word is good enough for me to respect this temple as a place of worship. That is part of being an Hindu in India. My faith, however, is beyond mere temples and funny idols, and not within the scope of our discussion.

Thanks for reading.

Anbarasu said...

Hi, A nice and the info about Muneeswaran, worth readable. Thank you


Anonymous said...

Visited the muneeswaran temple today and noticed that the most popular offerings to him included Brandy, Whisky, Cigars etc. I was totally at the other end of the spectrum. My offering was milk! I am sure he did not care much for it - but hey, its the thought that counts! :) Next time, I will be better prepared!