March 01, 2010

Subbunagam Ammal

An interesting anecdote by Mr.Sriram (Madras Heritage and Music blog) in the Hindu -

Here goes the story...In 1895, Subbunagam Ammal, a 16 yr old Brahmin shocked the conservative madras society by converting to Christianity. After the usual uproar, she became the prize catch and along with Ms. Stephans (her mentor), she toured USA in 1900, lecturing abt her conversion. Then in 1905, there's a story about her kidnap, but finally it turned out to be case of 'going back to the roots'.

Quite a personality!


Krishnan said...

Yes it was quite an interesting article.

" Shineing " Ram said...
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" Shineing " Ram said...

To go against stereotypic society and own family needs lot of courage.This personality certainly had that guts.