March 22, 2010

McDonald's @ Velachery

Saturday Lunch was at the newly opened McDonald's at Velachery - a few blocks away from A2B ( towards Pallikaranai). Didn't disappoint.
Surprise: I could spot a sizable school population..(Hmm..flashback..never actually went out for lunch in school uniform...)
Our group ordered the customary Burger (Rs.45), Veg Paneer Wrap (Rs.66),nudgets, ...all of them were good...The meal was an easy option - A burger, finger chips, coke - 95/-..Wish the sauces were more manageable. Didn't like the experience of tearing sachets while eating.. sauce sachets belong to door delivery only.
Inspite of the surging crowds, the place operates like a well oiled machine. It's a duplex structure, so ordering had to be finished downstairs. Not sure what happens, if there is an extra order during the course of the meal..Do we have to go down for every order?
The order and delivery happened quickly and we had a sumptuous lunch with gossip being the main course ;-)


Anonymous said...

you are a bore, providing worthless info

sugan said...

Anon: so be it..chill out!