March 27, 2009

Vijayakanth - Early Bird

While the other parties are still breaking their heads over alliances, Vijayakanth has announced his first list of contestants and has already started his campaign. I was quite surprised to see - K Pandiarajan, founder of Ma Foi Management Consultants limited, as a DMDK candidate for virudhunagar constituency Rolling Eyes

Always thought the input to politics were - 1. political family 2. Film 3. Local gundas who graduate to councilor, வட்டம், மாவட்டம், MLA, Minister.. Confused

1 comment:

Krishnan said...

Yes Vijayakanth has stolen a march over other parties with his list but the million dollar question is what kind of impact he is going to make ? Will he once again cut into traditional vote banks of both kazhagams ? Of course, both kazhagam's influence is fast waning too.