March 25, 2009

Adichchanallur - History buried

An eye-opener ...Jeyamohan writes abt his journey to Adichchanallur, near Thirunelveli and his meeting with a local elderly person.
Issues raised:
1. Adichchanullur supersedes Indus valley civilization, why no proper research on this - dravidian - aryan conflict?
2. Why there is no museum in this historical place. no indicator what so ever?
3. All excavated items have been moved to many places, and the area is now buried again.
and many more.
The elderly person raises all these issues, cites tamil literature but the surprise is, he is not a learned person but a person who looks after cattle!!


Anonymous said...


At last nice to know about a person who interested in "Adhichanallur" .
That cattle herder words are absolutely true.

IMHO, our entire history should be rewritten after extensive research.


sugan said...

Elamaran, not much effort goes into research..and history is made a boring subject.