March 12, 2009

SundaraRamasami to Sujatha

Casually opened the State board Class XI Tamil supplementary reader that my mother had got, was pleasantly surprised to see short stories from eminent people in the literary world. It covered the entire gamut - Pudhumai Pithan, SundaraRamasami, Vanna Nilavan, Sivasankari, Thopil Muhamed Meeran, Dr.Mu.Va, Jayakanthan, Sujatha...
How lucky are the present set of students..they get initiated into a world of books so early..(heard from 9th class itself they have these kind of stories).
For a CBSE student, who had tamil till Xth class only (that too some boring mundane stuff), this came a whiff of fresh air
What more entire textbooks are available online


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sugan said...

Jeezzz...that was a blunder...corrected it now..Thanks..Icarus..

Krishnan said...

Wow, thanks for pointing out. Will check out the stories online.