January 21, 2009

Chennai Sangamam - 2009

Had been to Nageshwara park in Mylapore on the penultimate day of Chennai Sangamam - the annual gala of folk arts. The mood was clearly one that of joy and merry making. The park was teaming with the affluent and the common man too. Gypsy song & dance [Narikurava koothu] was going on, I must admit that was a not a pleasant one on the ears ;-( but had a feast for the taste buds ;-). Coimbatore, Madurai and Kumbakonam food specialities were on the offering. To my surprise, the area was clean and the food was hygienic. Then noticed that the stalls were from the likes of Taj, Raintree etc. Kudos to the people who are organizing this massive festival. The popular face behind is Kanimozhi, the now famous daughter of CM. Congrats to the organizational committee for this mammoth effort.[Managing thousands of artists, huge crowds across the length & breadth of chennai is not an easy job].

Anyways looking forward to the next edition.

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Krishnan said...

Me too visited Nageshwara Rao Park during Chennai Sangamam and yes enjoyed it. A real refreshing change from insipid fares on the idiot box. I only hope they increase the venues.