January 28, 2009

Aval Vikatan

Aval Vikatan [needs registration] is a popular women's magazine in Tamilnadu. The current issue has an article on the impact of recession on IT sector in chennai. It is OK with me, if few issues are hyped and exaggerated for reader attraction, but this one went over the top. An IT guy went to his ex- Project leader's house who was given the pink slip. It seems the PL's family was reeling in abject poverty and had not eaten for the past three days. As though this was not enough, some more sympathy factor was thrown - the PL's wife was pregnant. Come on.. how more ridiculous it can get.
There should be some journalist ethics while drafting an article. Journos just get carried away, not realizing that many people actually believe what is written.


RG said...

Also red the article that was more exaggarated article coming from a premier publisher it was really too much nonscence

Krishnan said...

I have not read the article but from what you say, it is patently ludicrous.

ஜெயா said...

Even I read the article suganthi, it was just crap. The article could have been believable to an extent if it was at least after a year after the layoff. How can a person who had been earning so well can come to this situation during the first month without the job? Does not make any sense at all.