June 02, 2008

Kurinji Malar - Na Parthasarathy

Finally finished reading Kurinji Malar purchased at the Chennai Book Fair. It is considered a classic among Tamil novels. It quite lived up to its name.
Na. Pa moves ahead of just telling a captivating story - the novel is more of moral science in disguise. The lead characters - Aravindan & Poorni are described as epitome of goodness. The keywords - Ozhukam, thuimai, nermai, mangalam, kolghai are constantly seen through the narrative. It has this old world feel...the money is discussed in annas & paisas..;-)) Good one time read.

Trivia: M.K.Stalin, the Tamilnadu C.M in waiting, acted in the DD - Serial Kurinji Malar as Aravindan. I still remember flashes of it.


Bruno said...

Yes... I too remember the seriel..

Saravanan said...

Hi Suganthi

really i like your comment and information