January 11, 2008

Chennai Book Fair

Had a good harvest of tamil books in the ongoing chennai book fair. The crowd was decent. Was able to move around leisurely. Some of the books in my kitty
Madan's Ki.Mu.Ki.Pi -Kizhaku Padhipagam
Madan's vandhargal vendrargal - Vikatan Padhipagam [ half way thro..a great book!]
Washington'il thirumanam -Vikatan Padhipagam
M.R.Radhayanam - Kizhaku Padhipagam
Jeeva -Kizhaku Padhipagam
Ponniyin selvan
Na.Paarthasarathy's Kurinji Malar
U.ve.Swaminatha iyer's autobiography - En Sarithiram - Aiythinai Padhipagam
Sanga kaalathil Tamizh Samayam


Krishnan said...

Great ! Didnt pick any English works ?

sugan said...

U can always buy English books in ur local store..but somehow, I get hold of tamil in these kind of fairs only

Krishnan said...

True I agree, there is always Landmark to get English novels anytime albeit with no 10% discount :-) Did you check out Tamil translation of K.A. Nilakanta Sastri's two-volume book The Cholas ?
I got books by Akilan, Na Parthasarathy and Janakiraman.

neysamy said...

Vikatan and Kizakku Pathipagam books are really nice and very much usefull.Besides all the books of Sujatha,the great writter of all times in Tamil are all good to read and enjoy.

chandra said...

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Vidhya said...

In book fair,i bought Akilan's vengayinmaindan and his short story collection 2 volumes, Dhagam publications has good collection.