June 21, 2008

FedEx or Ex-FedEx

This Wimbledon would be special for Roger Federer. He has to re-ascertain his supremacy especially after the French Open debacle. Nadal is in excellent form following his recent Grass court victory..

Interesting times ahead, I'm looking forward to yet another Federer Vs. Nadal clash..but Novak Djokovic could spoil the party......Wimbledon kicks open this Monday.


greyMatter said...

federer has been havin a run tht is nothin short of divine. now, since he is not god, it has to decline. hope he retires like justine henin..

sugan said...

But..I would luv to see him add another wimbledon trophy..generally I feel there is drop in class among the players of this decade..when compared to the legends back in 80s & 90s..