April 17, 2008

Chennai Photowalk - OMR Road

As part of Chennai - Photo walk (a group in Flickr) - last sunday, we had started off from Madhya Kailash and walked along the Old Mahabalipuram Road/OMR/Rajiv Gandhi Salai/IT Corridor (!) - trying to capture the scenic beauty & structural marvels. The end point was NIFT. A good 2 hours !

Unlike the movies, we had police barging in at the starting point itself. Things were solved amicably.

A mundane sunday morning turned out to be interesting;-))

http://www.flickr.com/photos/suganthis/sets/721576 04466070272/
[Trials Set]


Anonymous said...

Hi Suganthi,

wow!! amazing photos.. ungalukulla oru photographer ?! ..


Amudha said...

really very good and wonderful snaps - is it really you who captured them - Sugs your pictursque sense is too good in the collection - Amudha

sugan said...

Hey..Thanks guys...Keep expecting more ;-))

Anonymous said...

Su, Never knew you had such "urge" ;-)where was it all these days ?? Wonderful snaps Keep going !