September 03, 2007

General Alert?

"The Tamil Nadu government has been alerted by Central intelligence agencies about a possible terror strike in Chennai prompting authorities to beef up security in markets and all crowded places. "

OK..We understand.

Then comes a statement.."the Intelligence Bureau (IB) had issued a general alert not only for Chennai but for all states about 'certain designs by certain terrorist elements based abroad trying to do some kind of an action that they can take up in India."

Come..on...What does a 'General Alert' to 'all states' achieve in particular? You call this special intelligence?


Ranjith said...

Hello ,

Not everything will be revealed to public. This is a general alert given to the public and most specific details will be given to the specific people by the special inteligence


sugan said...

Yeah..I understand something might be there..But I'm more miffed with the generic statement. Whenever a blast occurs..only finger pointing happens. Even a small kid will say, be alert. Whats special abt having a press conference and saying be alert?

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Its a sort of defensive game so that later if some untoward happens one can always say I TOLD YOU SO. But at the same time one needs to pity the police guys .the ratio of population to police men is so poor what can the poor guys do..perhaps intelligence and a better cooperation by public in general is the only solution.
Besides with a huge youth power of the country if only the youths decide to be more participative in this, terror will be wiped clean in no time
India is Great and will survive this..hope terror fades away soon