February 19, 2007

Pachai Kili Muthu Charam

Definitely worth the ticket.

New for tamil- that would be the keyword .. for the idea is from the English movie 'Derailed'. Gautham has got everything right..the list starts with casting

Super action hero Sarathkumar in a never before role - one you find very rarely in today's cinema - a common man.

Jyothika - the unknown evil

Milind Soman - Terrific debut - (looks ravishing;-)) - the known evil

Andrea - looks almost real on screen - cute debut

Harris Jeyaraj rules with Unnakul Naane (Bombay Jeyshree - asusual ek dham first class - Actress Rohini has penned the lines - good attempt) & un siripinil (GouthamiRao & Robby - new voices(?) - done it really well - beautifully picturised)

Saw the movie at the newly opened INOX multiplex - Citi Center Mall, Mylapore - Simply great place yaar..Class apart. Had fun while watching the movie - lot of counter dialogues from the audience had us in splits.

Kottu for the movie : Longwinding climax - actually the movie must have been over in the pre-climax itself - unnecessarily moves to hyderabad - a happy song- cinematic dishoom dishoom climax- subham. May be Gautham wanted to have his fav climax- heroine kidnapped by villain gang - hero on the rescue mission.

Tip: It seems to be an international kudumba kaaviyam (family saga-translation(?)) ..so avoid seeing the movie with elders & little ones - good to have friends along or ur better half (if EVERYTHING is OK between you both;-)))

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Anonymous said...

Havent seen PKMT but Derailed was something what you call a Family Thriller