February 26, 2007

Chennai Sangamam

For the past one week, Chennai was soaked in all vibrant hues..

Reason: Chennai Sangamam - Thiruvizha Namma Theruvzha, an attempt to showcase our culture back to the people. It was organized by Tamil Maiyam and the state department of Tourism.

http://www.chennaisangamam.com/index.php - website of chennai sangamam.

On Saturday, I caught some glimpses of the festival at the Mylapore mada veedhis..high energy folk dances were performed. ..there was a positive vibe to the entire show.

I'm eagerly awaiting the next edition of chennai sangamam. Wish they could so something abt the font in the logo.


Sashi said...

I missed the chennai Sangamam, there were puppets hanging from geminy flyover,i thought to see some of the activities but missed,hope to catch next time.
We need more such events to show case the culture and heritage which is fast fading due to Western culture impact
English New Year is celebrated more than Tamil New Year(Even in temple on english new year they have special poojas!, it become part and parcel of chennaites)
This should change we should patronise the culture.
"Kal thondra man thondra kalathu thondriathu.."

sugan said...

Sashi..nothing wrong in patronising our culture but I feel English new year happens to be a better milestone than tamil newyear in our practical day to day life. No probs in celebrating Jan 1st..i guess..

Folk arts should be groomed for today's taste. Only then the artistic forms can survive.

Chennai sangamam can provide the much needed stage for showcasing the art forms but ultimately the art by itself should captivate the audience.