February 07, 2007

Hair Ishtyle

Of late, many people around me have started experimenting with their hairstyles - the popular one being Hair Straightening. Bingo! the majority of them are Guys; that too when Chennai is still conservative in trying out different hairdos and dresses.

Lot of effort seems to go into that transformation process. First, you need to grow your hair to a certain length to have that wavy straight structure (they look really funny in this period -sample photo attached). When you have decided that the length is enough, you have to sit through a grueling 3-4 hrs session in a parlour (You better choose a good parlour, if you want to avoid a trip to thirupathi) Now its not all over. You are given scores of to-dos on maintenance & lot of in-house conditioners to maintain that look. Now, the maximum you can have this hairstyle is for one year...then the entire process continues.

Have a look at my cousins - they have this 1970s retro look-(they are going to roast me alive for publishing their photo.. taken specially in sepia tone..he! he! )

Neriya paeru ippadi than thiriyiraangho!!

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arun said...

Article is Superb
I Seen these two persons near ST THOMOS MOUNT RAILWAY STATION