November 08, 2006

Treat Time

I wanted to yell "I'm the happiest woman in the world"...

Wait..Wait..Dont get carried away..
I just lost 10 kgs of weight in 7 months... Nothing could beat the tingling sensation I got when I saw the scales. Thanks to strict diet, glucose regulators and not so strict exercise ..I pulled it off..Life is much more easier now a days..

Now..this amazing feat called for a hubby took me to Fruit Shop on Greams Road and Subway...Cool places...

I sipped Pomegranate Milk Shake with a vengeance. We have actually taken a liking for FSoGR ...very very good outlet for fresh fruit juices. Would definitely recommend it.

Subway at Beasant Nagar was not that impressive. To start with, it had Prime Rooster (a specialty non veg res) for company..I was a bit irritated to have chickens hanging all over the place ..Subway is well known for its sandwiches. 6 inches Sub - was nice, but Veggie Delite salad was a downer (there was nothing in it for the 80 bucks they charged..Grr..Any day Naamdaari salads, bangalore and pizza hut garden fresh salads win hands down).

Anyways should lose another three kgs to attain that perfect BMI.


Yugandhar V said...

80 bucks for a salad!!
mann, it SOUNDS expensive in india than the ~5 bucks they charge here for the green leaves :)

sugan said...

It is on the higher side only. What to do..I am yet to find out a good Salad Bar in chennai.