November 30, 2006

Benjarong - Yummy Place

The entire crazy bunch of my team trooped into Benjarong to celebrate our success.

Benjarong is an authentic Thai specialty restaurant on TTK road, Alwarpet.

Man..what an evening it turned out to be!

All of us were in a mood to ransack the restaurant. And the restaurant rose to the occasion superbly.

Thai welcome pan was a great starter. You have to stuff - onion, coconut, ginger, lime, peanuts, red chillies, palm sugar sauce in a spinach kind of leaf..roll it ..then chew it..Heavenly. It is called mei kam (or something like that ;-)

The soups were amazing, we ordered clear thai vegetable soup (Tom Yam Phak) and coconut milk mushroom soup (something on the lines of Tom Khau..). Both were equally good.

The starters were interesting, we got babycorn wrapped in rice tartlets ..the rice tarlets looked like the distant cousin of our vadavams. We ordered some Broccoli stuff and spring rolls. We had a glass noodle & veg salad too..[we ordered another helping of this babycorn starter..much to the chagrin of our PM!]

The main course consisted of noodles (a tad spicy), steamed rice with a green vegetable gravy, Fried rice with broccoli, potato gravy. Everything was pleasing except for the green vegetable gravy, which was too sweet for rice.

[I leave behind my attempt to memorize the nomenclature of the dishes]

The non-veg gang had a field day by terrorizing the bearers with their never-ending orders. But to their credit, the service was very friendly.

The ambience had a very up market feel and the music was at a pleasant level.

Oops ..I forgot to mention that it is very very expensive out there...(U tend to forget that fact, if someone else is giving the treat;-)

On the whole, if you are not bothered abt your purse and want a good gourmet experience, head to Benjarong.


JayanthiV said...

last week i had been to thai restaurant with my husband , it was good ..infact there was a item which they mentioned chicken **** but i felt it is simply a chicken samosa which tasted good and my husband loved it!here in US i dont think all thai restaurants r good some r good and spicy ;P

sugan said...


Thai Veg was definitely good. Try that next time.