May 03, 2011

How to reduce 15 Kgs weight

** Self-Reminder Post! "reduced 15 kgs..can't you knock down 5 kgs again?"**
*** Had posted this in my office blogs, way back in 2007..Its action time again ;-( ***
Mind you..It is almost a self-declared WAR. It tests your physical stamina & also your determination to see it through.

Last March, I was weighing 68kgs, now I am hovering between 53-54kgs…thought it would be beneficial to share my experience. Strict Diet & Exercise are the prime reasons for the change.

1. Morning - brisk walk for 45 min
2. Breakfast – 3Idlies/2 dosas/2 chappatis/ two servings of rice
3. Lunch @ office – 1 chappati 
/ uthappam + 2 servings of poriyal + 1 serving of kootu + 1 cup rasam + one serving of rice with curd + appalam
4. Evening gym – 30 min @ treadmill + 5-10 min of cycling..etc
5. 7 p.m – one cup of milk(half sugar)
6. Dinner – fruit salads (one big apple + one orange + one banana).
7. One cup of milk at night

I was very strict about this schedule for the first month – and THERE WAS NO CHANGE.

Learning: Do not expect drastic changes immediately & lose heart.

I continued to do the same for six months and from the second month onwards there was a gradual decrease in weight. After sometime, I eased my diet a little - fruits were given a farewell.

Fighting obesity is more of a mind game. First, you have to believe you are going to lose weight. Then the toughest part.. start thinking that the fruits dinner is the most royal food that any man can wish for…have this contended feel always.

My goal was to reduce 15kgs, so I was strict about the fruits dinner part, but if your target is much lesser, you can go for your normal dinner. (not the heavier one..mind you). It is always better to have your dinner atleast 1- 2 hrs before you hit the bed. If possible, avoid rice at night.


Consciously avoid Sweets, Fried Snacks like samosa, chips, pickle, coconut.

Reduce the number of times you take tea or coffee. The culprit is the sugar that goes along with it.

When you are dieting, if you feel that you are losing out on your fav. dishes, once in a while.. indulge in it. Do not think you are sacrificing something. If you keep on resisting, then at one point of time, you are going to throw up and say ‘Hell with dieting’ and return to your old ways. (I once in a while, took pizzas too Wink

In whatever manner possible, get some physical workout. It is not necessary that you have to do some serious walking, one game of a well-fought shuttle match would do.

Have some partner at the Gym, it is always nice to have somebody with you. (thanks to Jaya. Actually 30 min of monotonous walking on the treadmill was terrible, we found a way out - we mastered the art of reading books while walking!)

Last but not the least check your weight whenever possible - the guilt pang will help you strengthen your resolve to get back in shape. 



Veena said...

Ummm.... i will need this soon anni:) nice one!

Chandra said...

Your story is very inspiring. I have to reduce my weight too by 15kgs. Couple of dieticians i consulted, advised not to eat just fruits for dinner (specifically). And how did u manage to resist your food cravings?

sugan said...

@Veena: All the best!
@Chandra: Fruits dinner was at the max for one month that too on week days only. I used to have a cup of milk in office. After coming back to home, would have fruits at 7.30 - 8.00 pm. Would go to sleep by 9.30 - 10.00 pm after another glass of milk. Hitting the bed early is the trick. ;-).

anandhan said...

hai iam anand
i cant able to follow the diet but i will try my best but i going walking in the morining for 30 minutes.

Monica said...

It may very useful for me...
keep writing..