February 09, 2011

Yeno Kuviamilla..

You must have heard this latest hit song from the movie Ko [Music - Harris Jeyaraj, Director - KV Anand, Lyricist - Madan Karky (vairamuthu's son & prof.@ Anna University)]

Yeno kuviyamilla.. kuviyamilla oru kaatchi pezhai.. oh ohh..uruvamilla uruvamilla naalai,
Yeno kuviyamilla.. kuviyamilla oru kaatchi pezhai.. oh ohh.. araimanadhai vidiyithu en kaalai

Given the present scenario where people are having a penchant for inane lyrics, 'Kuviamilla' is a pleasant surprise.

Kuviyam/குவியம் means Focus, kuviyamilla - out of focus. pezhai - display The hero is a photographer in the movie & sees the uncertainty of his love as out of focus ! Wow!

The other words which I had earlier google-d for meaning

  • En padhagai thaangiya un mugam endrum maraiyaadhe - Vettaiyaadu Vilayaadu - Padhagai -flag Lyricist - thamarai
  • Kalabha kaadhala - Kaaka Kaaka - varied meanings!
[கலாபம் - முத்து மாலை,மயில் தோகை,மேகலை,அணிகலன்,              யானையின் கழுத்தில் உள்ள கயிறு, அம்பு,நிலவு,அறிவு, ஒரே சந்தத்தில் அமைந்த கவிதைத் தொகுப்பு ]

  • Kadhalenum mudiviliyil kadikaara neram kidaiyaadhu - from Vaseegara in Minnale: mudivili means infinity  - Lyricist - thamarai


Krishnan said...

Wow ! that was nice. Welcome back.

Rajameena said...

Kuviyam/குவியம்- good explanation... was searching for a long time... thank u

BABA said...

Good explanation!! Tamil Valga....

I wanna share what i know... :)

Un vetkai pinnale en valkai... Lyrics in Kadhal sadugudu song from Alaipayudhe movie..

Vetkai - "Aasai"

Anonymous said...

Nice explanation. I was googling the meaning of puviyamillaa and pezhai...That brought me here. Thanks.

Ani said...

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magz said...

Nicely done... i was searching for this meaning..bc i saw the movie last nite...and now the song seems extra special:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation... was searching the meaning of "Kuviamilla" finally found here.. Tamil is a beautiful language and words like this prove it right.. Love our language :)

Anonymous said...

Nice to see still some ppl know tamil.. kuviyam, i thought it was curvature.. i thought he was meaning a lens without curvature.. It would give the image as such and thus symbolising the blast of reality..
But focus too gives good meaning..

Wonderfull language indeed.. any art is as beautifull as the on looker.. :)
- hari

Rajoo said...

great explaination and ur explaination has made this song more special to me. I thought it meant flawless :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome.. Nice to get to know the meanings :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks I was searching for it