July 23, 2010

Haven - Sampoorna - Velachery

Sampoorna Global restaurant was in my wish-list for quite sometime. By the time, our gang could attack, they changed their name to Haven Sampoorna. We went there with quick lunch in mind. It's a very small place near Sri Krishna Sweets, 100 ft rd, velachery. The interiors are functional, Hollywood-Quote photographs catch your eye. They are veg and their menu had more of continental stuff...which is actually scarce here. We ordered pasta, baked vegetables, diet lunch, french fries, & lunch combos. The starters were vegetable rolls. My pasta had too much cheese, but baked vegetables was awesome. They give more quantity unlike a saravana bhavan where quantity can be measured in spoons! Diet lunch (2 chappathis, subzi, soup, salad)was good but that was not worth the 115/- they charged. The fruit salad that came with the diet lunch was a winner. The lunch combo came with parathas & veg pulao. It didn't disappoint us. The prices are also not too heavy on the purse. (came to around Rs.150 per head) Overall, its a welcome addition to velachery.

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