July 17, 2010

Gender Stereotypes

Vidya tagged me for ‘My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes’...and so..this

Gender Dacolties List
  • Well, women are generally considered to be the most pious creatures on earth. True..most of the temples and their trustees owe their livelyhood to the religiously religious womenfolk who faithfully throng the temples, keep the vrathas and do their daily poojas at home..Somehow, I managed to escape..and lo! became an atheist. I don't remember the last time, I prayed to 'god'...been a very vocal atheist since childhood despite being in orthodox surroundings. Self reasoning guided by Periyar books might hold the clue..!

  • Getting Emotional is something I can't. Cannot even say comforting..soothing words to near and dears who are in distress. People say, I'm awkward while cajoling the Boy. Crying doesn't come easily...still openly gape at people who cry at the drop of the hat.[ made of sterner stuff..or..yerumamaatu thol]

  • No fear...may be the conditioning came with me being an atheist. At home, in any dark, lonely place. [nammala paarthu vera yaaravadhu bayandhathan undu!]

  • State, National politics are my favorite subjects of discussion. An election around the corner gets me mighty excited. Could reel out the 40 constituencies of TN, track VIP election campaign, minute by minute election result announcement, etc..Next, would be history & archeology.

  • Abt cooking..Hmmm..cookery shows are one of my fav. in TV. But never had a passion to enter the kitchen. Here..is a big bow to my amma, MIL & husband ;-)

  • Comfortable being the single girl in all boys gang. Always had a big circle of guys to hang out with.

  • Would be the first girl to join the 'dance floor'..match every step with the guys...kuthu..all the way!

  • Would keep my mouth firmly shut, if my hubby is in mood for a slangfest..you can never catch me raising my voice or fighting. No big time drama[ Confession: I irritate the life out!]

  • I'm darn sure of what I want to buy.., my clothes, jewels selections have not been more than a few minutes. I'm most sought out for making bulk purchases in the family ;-)

  • Foot-board travel generally means..standing in bus steps.but, was part of a peculiar specie that sat on the foot-board in the college buses!!
But at the same time, I
  • am fanatically obsessed about a spic and span home. House in disarray would send me into depression. Wet towel on the bed would spoil my entire day.

  • love re-re-re-re-reading Ramanichandran novels (cha..enna book idhu - nu feel pannalum..therupi padipom)...& would be ready to give my right hand for a dreamy romantic Mills&Boons. Sucker for romantic novels

  • believe in Retail Therapy. 'am a match match person...have a fetish for accessories..proud owner of a huge bangle collection,running into dozens.

  • wanted a teetotaler partner..thankfully landed up with one.

  • believe my elixir of life is chit-chatting with friends..into big time gossip.

  • am prone to asking questions like 'don't you think, I have lost a little bit of weight?'...[Rajesh shakes his head which looks like an yes from one angle and a no from another angle!]

  • collect all my gifts and treasure my greeting cards..
Uff..this is one difficult post, sooo.. much of 'I's..which 'I'm not comfortable with!


Vidya said...

Nice list Suganthi!

The Mad Jammer said...

Thts sounds like me:), mainly the part one on cleanliness and the hanging out with guys:)