February 10, 2010

Two States

'Two States' happens to be the second book I have read after Chetan Bhagat's First one - Five Point Someone. 'Thank your stars' that's what my friends, who have read the other books - one night at the call center, three mistakes tell me. I thoroughly enjoyed Five Point Someone and the jokes continue to flow in Two States too. The story as such is not new, but the challenge is the format in which it is presented. Chetan Bhagat is bestowed with amazing sense of humor and he puts it down in a cute manner. My fav. was the campus part of the story and the efforts taken by Krish to impress Ananya's family . But, there are few occasions where he goes overboard like krish buying rings for Ananya's entire family, Ananya solving the cousin's marriage problem, the wedding at mylapore etc. Chetan Bhagat also falters by giving a generic picture of south Indian/ tamilians as veg, music loving, academics oriented people. Can safely say 80% of tamilians are non-veg, and also 95% don't understand Carnatic music ;-)). My verdict: Safe Buy !


Krishnan said...

I too enjoyed reading it. His take on Tambrahms was hilarious.

Varun said...

Your style of writing is good.I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book.