October 29, 2009

Harris Jayaraj - Haunting Melodies

Harris Jayaraj = Consistent Performer

The latest song that has possessed me is Vaaraaiyo Vaaraaiyo kaadhal kolla excellently rendered by Unnikrishnan & Chinmayee from Aadhavan.

Just reflecting back, it struck me that Harris has an almost enviable 100% track record in tamil films. Starting from Minnale - to the latest Aadhavan - his albums come under the 'most of the songs are really good'. Top of my mind blockbuster albums - Minnale, kaakha kaakha, chellame, anniyan, ghajini, vettaiyaadu vilayaadu, pachaikili muthucharam, unnale unnale, vaaranam aayiram, ayan. Even in a dud like bheema , mudhal mazhai was a block buster..may be satyam was one of his rare flops (even in that En Anbe was hummable)..May be the negatives will include a certain repetitive thread that runs along his songs.

I'm no expert in music..so from a layman perspective - I think his forte is simple - rhythmic - most importantly 'any body-can-sing-along' tunes - no complicated stuff.


Anonymous said...

Kovil, THotti Jeya, Arachatchi, ..

more @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harris_Jayaraj

sugan said...

Hey Anon..Arasatchi has some good songs - arakkonathile arambam, mohalai mohalai, 20 vayathil..
Kovil also had catchy numbers - koviluku povom, silu silu, - In kovil there was a severe hangover of sami. Thotti jaya ..I don't remember any song - a damp squib when compared to others..

Krishnan said...

I agree with you. I guess Harris-Gautam Menon team rocks ! Heard that they have patched up again.

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

I'm a huge fan of his music too.