October 05, 2009

Cholas & Deepankudi

Deepankudi is a little hamlet in Thiruvarur dist, Tamilnadu. A new inscription belonging to the later cholas, 11th century has been found there.

The inscription belonging to the period of Rajendra II, is found in a pillar of six ft height in the temple premises which is under renovation. Inscription is engraved in all the four sides of the pillar. It starts with the praising of the King. It registers about donations offered to the presiding deity, Kailasanatha of Siva temple by Arulmozhinangai, sister of Rajendra II and the daughter of Rajendra I. On her behalf, it was inscribed by Aramabanandi, a Jain who belonged to Deepankudi temple. The inscription also records about the donations for offering rice, vegetables and curd rice daily for the presiding deity. The Jain temple of Deepankudi is in worship now.

An inscription found in Sttambur near Chenji in Tamil Nadu speaks about a Jain known as Aramanandi.

Way back in 2005, similar pillars with inscriptions have been found.

Well, another titbit - Deepankudi is the place where Jayamkondar, the author of "Kalingathu Parani" - a massive collection of war poems, was born.

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