August 11, 2009

Swine flu in velachery

It was rather sad to hear that a four year old boy in velachery, chennai had succumbed to Swine flu. His school and residence is very near to my office. Couple of schools in velachery have declared holidays. Our office took some initiative and bought masks for everyone, but guess that is not needed. Only if you have cold and cough it is good to cover your face. Washing your hands frequently will also help. Just keep track of things. At present there is information overload only.


Anonymous said...

I am also staying in Velachery. Where is the apartment in which the kid's family stay?


Krishnan said...

Yes it is quite scary that the dreaded flu has reached our doorsteps. BTW I reside in Velachery too. Hope the pandemic comes under control soon.

SK said...


clicked on your blog on swine flu...

and i liked the last post on Netflix and I have now on my blog.

Interesting posts too.

sugan said...

Laser: Heard it is one of the ceebros apartments near ICICI bank, vijayanagar bus terminus, LIC colony

Krishnan: Now there are enough conspiracy theories floating around..not sure of the exact details of the pandemic

SK: Thanks for dropping in. Netflix was a gem.

ramprakash said...

My name is M.P.Ramprakash. I am working in an IT company. In additional I am a Wellness Network Marketer. I am also staying at Velachery.

For all of us,

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sugan said...

Amazing..Ramprakash...I suggest u take ur agnihotra to all those people who are terminally ill..Lets see if it works.