August 17, 2009

Gangotree Sweets & Snacks - Sucks Big Time

Had a terrible experience at Gangotree sweets and snacks, Gopalapuram. Their Lacha Tokri Chat was foul smelling, after two spoons we realized we were eating some rotten stuff. Badam milk was pathetic and the much hyped 'Gangotree Falooda' was tasting like plain rosemilk. Yuck! The only saving grace was the masala puri chat. I returned the stale chaat at the counter, the staff didn't even bother to hear me out. That's bad customer service.

And I understand, something can go wrong on a really bad day. This was not my first time I was annoyed with them; few months ago, I had got Bhelpuri parcel from them, after coming home, it had mud in it - apparently something was not washed properly. I made it a point to walk back [ a good ten minutes from my house] to the shop, met the manager and gave it back..With a little murmur he gave a new pack.

But now, they have lost a loyal customer. With the all the popularity in the world [ they are still considered the best place in chennai for sweets & snacks], they have lost focus. Quality has definitely taken a back seat.


Archana said...

I have not had a good falooda in any shop at chennai! Forget Gangothree. Their Dahi Papdi has sour curds. Yuck!

sugan said...

Archana: what was more irritating was the way they responded to the complaint.

Arun said...

I've been to this place once and that was long long ago. It was very crowded even those days.

may be they are unable to handle the crowd & quality suffers as a result.