May 19, 2009

Blogger introduction

Off late.. I'm hooked to this guy's blog...clear thinking..amazing writing skill..

Wish I could blog in tamil too, but oru vari adika oruman-neram aaghudhu..onbadhu yezhuthu pizhai..sigh!

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Anonymous said...

Within Blogger editor there is a dropdown in the toolbar to choose Tamil.. you just type the tamil word in normal English... and Google employs crowd sourcing to choose the best possible word for what you typed... so much of the burden of writing in Tamil is removed...

"...ஒரு வரி அடிக்க ஒருமணிநேரம் ஆகுது... ஒன்பது எழுத்து பிழை..."
didn't take much time to type the above line... ;)