April 09, 2009


Read Sujatha's Yavanika recently...It came as a series in Anandha Vikatan..
Its the usual gripping - Ganesh - Vasanth thriller...In the prologue, he says parts of yavanika were written from Apollo hospital. that shows the commitment..

story plot, amazing style akin to slickly edited cinema , humour, the way he takes potshots at tamil film industry, the heroines (i should read kanavu thozhilchalai), and that superb climax (almost looked liked an atheist viewpoint)
My grouses:
Unnecessarily made a local story an international one.. need not have involved international gangs - chumma cinema shooting spot varuvaanghalam - 10 pera sututu poiduvaanghalam..pre-climax could have ended in ganesh- vasanth office- itself...why take ganesh to a building - email - find out that the statue was duplicate - then fight - subham..
also, i felt sujatha was trying to showoff his knowledge - uvamai-lam...over the top, english translation in brackets..trying to fit in 1 or 2 lateral puzzles is O.K..Indha book-le neriya...!!


Saravana Raja said...

//i felt sujatha was trying to showoff his knowledge//

he was. always.

sugan said...

saravana raja ..welcome..5-6 lateral puzzles in a thriller - too much