April 10, 2009

Out of mind

Clear signs of being 'out of mind'. Karunanidhi is trying desperately to hold on to 'இனமான காவலர்'tag but failing miserably..his latest statement is sure to add fuel to the fire.
"Even if Prabhakaran loses, treat him like Porus," the DMK patriarch said, pointing to the historical episode involving Alexander the Great and Indian ruler Porus who was treated with dignity and honour by the Greek emperor despite losing against him in a battle. "When asked by Alexander, Porus said he wanted to be treated like a king, which Alexander duly obliged. "It shows the magnanimity of Alexander who gave equal respect (to a man defeated by him)," he said. [ source: chennai online]

Meanwhile, Vijayakanth has fired his next salvo: Vijayakant has said his party was ready to boycott the Lok Sabha elections in Tamil Nadu on Sri Lankan Tamil's issue, if AIADMK and DMK also do so.

All of them are busy scoring brownie points here and the Genocide continues there :-(

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